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The voxel editor...Blade07:37 20-03-2002
Re: The voxel editor...Olaf van der Spek18:54 20-03-2002
Re: The voxel editor...Strategic Commander06:39 22-03-2002

> > Any chance of full scale header editing support being added anytime soon? I've been playing around with scal alot recently for a number of reasons and I've noticed a few things. First is that XCC mixer sets the Z axis scale to inappropriate values, namely half the size of the voxel to the min and max.

> I had to use some values, so I just chose those.
> You could edit the header with a hex editor or via XIF.

> > For most voxels the min should be close to 0 (most voxels are between 1 and -1) and the max should be a value that when added to the min gives a value of how big that dimension should be ingame (the difference between min and max should be the actual size you want the axis to be ingame, hence its half and half for the other two axes). Also, the height of turrets is correctly controlled by modifications to the Z scale values and not by using a modified this case both min and max are either increased or decreased by the same amount keeping the relative size the same, but adjusting where the centre is drawn. Also, modifying the other scales is useful for adjusting the size of the voxel ingame for aesthetic reasons (realative scale to other units or terrain objects for instance).

Yeah, I said something like that a while back, but it didn't get very much attention. I have (successfully) been scaling voxels for probably a year and a half or more now.

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