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VXL Tutorial/Converter/etc.Herr Phil06:27 01-04-2002
Re: VXL Tutorial/Converter/etc.ViPr01:29 02-04-2002

> I've been editing the Command and Conquer series for awhile now, and I figured I may as well play with some of the graphics other then the shp files. So I got a hold of the vxl tools(will's) and opened up a vxl to take a look. Different interface indeed.

> Is there a simple guide in working it somewhere? Also, what do I need to convert an LWO to a vxl, I heard there was some software out there.

there is one guy so far who has been doing that. his site
and he has many pictures of his voxels there.

he used Lightwave and 3d Exploration and 3ds2vxl. 3ds2vxl is the only free program and it converts a 3ds file to a vxl file. 3d exploration converts between many different 3d model files including lightwave and 3ds files. the site of 3d Exploration is:
you might be able to find a free 3d model converter but nobody told me about one yet.

please note that 3ds2vxl's biggest problem is that the normals are still not unscrambled so the shading on the voxels is somewhat wrong. also it doesn't cut voxels into multiple sections. maybe these problems will be fixed in future releases.

i once considered making a lightwave model to vxl converter also but i was immediately put off by a few things about the format. for one thing it seems the little/big endian thing was wrong so the bytes were written in reverse order. also triangles were not explicit, they were implied and i would have to write a tesselation algorithm that would have to guess where triangles were using curved interpolation algorithms. also textures can each have their own UV mapping coordinates, so that would be so complicated to program and take up huge amounts of memory and processing power and in my opinion is unnecessary and probably shouldn't be encouraged.

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