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Adding SoundsGert03:18 02-04-2002
Re: Adding SoundsOlaf van der Spek05:49 02-04-2002

> How do I give units in RA2 a new sound????

You use XCC Sound Editor to insert the 16-bit mono sound into audio.bag. Then you edit sound.ini.

> Want to know this because I'm making RA2NL

> Greetzzz

> Gert

Re: Adding SoundsHammer06:06 03-04-20024
    Re: Adding SoundsOlaf van der Spek06:12 03-04-2002
        Re: Adding SoundsHammer14:38 03-04-2002
    Re: Adding SoundsHammer06:29 03-04-2002

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