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progress check againViPr12:42 21-03-2002
Re: progress check againflyby17:52 21-03-2002
Re: progress check againViPr03:42 22-03-2002
Re: progress check againAlon08:19 26-03-2002
Re: progress check againViPr18:48 31-03-2002
Re: progress check againKoen van de Sande20:34 31-03-2002
Re: progress check againViPr22:53 31-03-2002
Re: progress check againKoen van de Sande01:40 01-04-2002
Re: progress check againWill21:29 01-04-2002
Re: progress check againViPr21:09 02-04-2002

> My experience is that Delphi is slightly faster than VC++ (but comparable to Borland C++, which uses the same compiler anyway), despite VC++ using the Intel compiler. Both are much faster than GCC.

> Delphi is easier than C++ to learn and use.

> Java can be fast enough, for example, use StringBuffer instead of String is usually a good idea if you are manipulating the strings alot.

ok i think i'm gonna stick with VC++. i worked some more on it and finally got the hello program to run.... sometimes. if i just start with the source file it works but if i make a workspace and project it doesn't work. anyway i worked some more and i seem to have got the timer and keyboard to work. i used the functions QueryPerformanceCounter and QueryPerformanceFrequency for the timer and GetKeyState or GetKeyboardState for the keyboard but i got only one key to work coz i don't know what all their numbers are, maybe they are the same as in DOS. the help system for MSVC++ 6.0 is awful. it took me 2 and a half hours to figure out all this stuff so far. it seems the help thing doesn't always tell you the includes you need, and you can't just right click on a word and have it immediately give you help about it. ok now i have to figure out the mouse and graphic output which i will try tomorrow and once that is done i will then figure out what version of MSVC++.NET i'm supposed to buy and at what price plan.

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