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shp resizingVlad0610:37 04-04-2002

When you use xcc mixer to resize RA2 infantry to TS infantry size, the mixer 'demolishes' half of the unit's body, leaving purple dots around the unit. Why does this happen, is there an alternative to this that wont demolish perfectly good infantry. Ive tried convertin the shp's to pcx and resizing them on PSP manually but it is too time consuming for infantry.

Re: shp resizingOlaf van der Spek16:46 04-04-20027
    ?Vlad0611:56 05-04-2002
        Re: ?Olaf van der Spek17:07 05-04-2002
            Re: ?Vlad0602:02 07-04-2002
                Re: ?Olaf van der Spek02:10 07-04-2002
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