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XCC AV PlayerHyperjag308:11 03-04-2002
Re: XCC AV PlayerOlaf van der Spek17:03 03-04-2002
Re: XCC AV PlayerHyperjag306:27 04-04-2002
Re: XCC AV PlayerOlaf van der Spek16:45 04-04-2002

> > > Hi,

> > > I am having a problem with the AV Player. When I play Tiberian Sun movies on it the video is fluid, but the sound is repeating e.g. in the last Nod movie when Slavik says "Peaceful, isn't it?" I hear it "Peaceful, Peaceful, isn't it isn't it." I only have 56MB of ram but I restarted before I started watching. I cleaned my CD, the CD ROM Drive and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?

> > This is a problem with XCC AV Player itself. The sound is not buffered.

> > > Thanks,

> Is there any way to fix this or do you have to change it yourself?

The only thing you can do is use a faster computer. I'd have to fix it myself.

> Thanks again,

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