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is this file created by XWIF???sandstalker00:11 13-04-2002
Re: is this file created by XWIF???Olaf van der Spek01:02 13-04-2002

> My game has been failing to connect to westwood for the past 4 days, i have asked several people on the ra2 message boards what the problem might be, and one person said it was a file created by XWIF. But it is located in my system32 folder. here is the directory:
> Win9x/ME: c:\windows
> Win2k/XP: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

> my question is, did this file get created by xwif and should i delete it like they say.
> I did start to download the quickmatch filter but quite halfway through. Would that be where it came from???

You forgot to mention the filename. The file "hosts" is indeed edited by MF/XWIF and deleting it should solve your problem.
The problem is not caused by canceling the download, but by a crash of MF/XWIF or your system.

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