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Is Mix Editor extinct?Re-DecK20:50 13-04-2002
Re: Is Mix Editor extinct?Olaf van der Spek21:03 13-04-2002

> So XCC Mixer now edits MIXs, does that mean Olaf's made MIX Editor redundent?

Almost. You can't create new MIXs yet and you can't enable encryption.

> BTW, I'm updating the XCC Mirror site. I've also made Self-installations for XCC! You just download the self-installation, run it, and it will copy the XCC files to your PC, creat program groups and start menus. If I knew the registry keys XCC makes on it's first run I could have it do that...

XCC will create this registry itself when it runs for the first time.
But use regedit to find that key.

> The Self-installations (with uninstall) will be available as soon as I finish updating the mirror site.

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