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Another Question :)Hammer04:28 15-04-2002
Re: Another Question :)Gotrek05:57 15-04-2002

> How can i enable all of the levels in skirmish play in C&C Renegade ?

> And

> Are they some editable settings in C&C:Tiberian Dawn (rules, arts, ais, and so on......)?

yes there are some things you can edit, but it's been so long since I had the game on my machine I can't remember any of it. And I'm afraid I can't reinstall it as I'm now using Win XP and it's a DOS game!
There is definately something like a rules.ini file, I'm sure of that.

Try looking at other sites, like which concentrate on C&C 1

Re: Another Question :)Hammer14:04 15-04-20022
    Re: Another Question :)Gotrek06:14 16-04-2002

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