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Changing infantry and such sounds...Bluff Boy Griff06:16 17-04-2002
Re: Changing infantry and such sounds...Gotrek07:40 17-04-2002

> I used the XX Plug-In that writes mp3s that I play into the red alert 2 game. Then I ran XCC Mixer so that it added the files into the theme.ini. Now my question is, where the heck are the sounds? I am trying to use TibEd to change the sounds of an infantry, like a Conscript, but I don't know where to change it at b/c I can't find my file name anywhere. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Those mp3 files are being put into the game as music files, not as in-game sound effects.

Here's what I posted for Net-Viper X on Jan 23rd:
(if you haven't got Yuri's Revenge, just ignore the md bits eg soundmd.ini)
Quick walkthru of process:
Open XCC Mixer
Restore Window (So it isn't maximised)
Goto Launch=>XCC Sound Editor
Open folder containing wave sounds (eg yes.wav & OK.wav)
Drag the two WAV files from the folder into the Sound Editor Window
Click OK
Close XCC (no longer needed)
Open soundmd.ini
Goto the last number before 999=NoCanDo under [SoundList]
Make a new entry using the next number in sequence
eg 854=UnitSelect
Below the debug section (1001 to 1017) make a new sound entry
Sounds=Yes OK
Control= random
Save and Close Soundmd.ini
Open rulesmd.ini
Goto new unit
Enter line VoiceSelect=UnitSelect (replacing any existing VoiceSelect line)
Save and Close rulesmd.ini
Run game, build and select unit
Sit back, blissful in the knowledge of a job well done!

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