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icons and cameostacojons07:30 25-04-2002
Re: icons and cameosOlaf van der Spek19:09 25-04-2002
Re: icons and cameostacojons22:22 25-04-2002
Re: icons and cameosOlaf van der Spek23:00 25-04-2002
Re: icons and cameosSlow Poke08:01 26-04-2002

> > > > Can anyone help me with adding icons from yuir's revenge in to ra2. I did one icon following step by step on this site and worked, but when I change the icon from the GI it doesnt work. It only works with the GI.

> > > It doesn't work with the GI but it only works with the GI? What do you mean?

> > The new icon only works with the GI. In the steps it says to change the cameo=giicon to cameo=xccicon and I did. That works but when i set the xccicon to something else it doesnt work.

> You mean you set cameo to something else?
> To what did you set it? Does that cameo exist?

Did you spell xccicon wrong?

Is the mix in the right directory?

Is xccicon in the mix?

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