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Tom Green..ReaprZero02:34 21-04-2002
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> LESBIAN MEDIEVAL porno, at that :P

Hey Reapr, totally changing the subject, but, if you haven't,
Yesterday I fried my CPU.
It wasn't even my fault! I quite specifically told the BIOS to overclock at 4x133 (It was an Intel P3 500Mhz) which should have resulted in around about 537Mhz. Instead, the machine came up with 667Mhz!!!
Totally blew the chip.
So now I'm stuck with my crappy AMD K6-2 500Mhz which isn't as good as the Intel machine.
Oh well, simply means it's time to upgrade (meaning buy a new PC) to a P4 2Ghz much sooner than expected.

I know I could just get a new CPU for the Intel PC, but there's no point in paying for that, when I'm going to be replacing it within the next year anyway. But I'm never overclocking a computer ever again!!

Oh, and sorry for the long post, I know you can't always read this much text ;-). I hope you haven't just skipped to the end here.

> > > > lol
> > > > Tom Green once painted a scene of medieval lesbians on his dad's car before he went to work (before the tom green show)

> > > I know, and his dad was NOT amused. Yet Tom Green just couldn't figure out why his dad didn't appreciate it!

> > Yeah, porno on your car don''t make you look good in front of the boss.

> > > > > > > > funny!

> > > > > > > it's funny you mention Tom Green, coz you remind me of him for some reason.

> > > > > > rofl
> > > > > > some of my friends say I even look like him

> > > > > Well don't start bringing farms into you parents house, or you'll be in real trouble!

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