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DamnShep20:54 28-04-2002
Re: DamnGotrek00:11 29-04-2002

> I dont get this,i create something with sunedit2k and applyed to my comp.Then i comply this to my fathers comp and when i wanted to play over lan it always says that versions are not the same. This is totaly stupid,they are completely same.

> Then i dl TS gold mod and install it on both comps and it worked. I was wondering how to make that with my file that it will work?

Make sure that EVERY single file which sunedit2k has changed or created is on both machines, and also any files you may have changed or added without using sunedit2k

Re: DamnShep02:13 29-04-20022
    Re: DamnOlaf van der Spek03:33 29-04-2002

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