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Hm...Mod creator....????Shep23:54 29-04-2002
Re: Hm...Mod creator....????Olaf van der Spek02:03 30-04-2002
Re: Hm...Mod creator....????Shep02:54 30-04-2002
Re: Hm...Mod creator....????Olaf van der Spek03:11 30-04-2002
Re: Hm...Mod creator....????Slow Poke08:49 30-04-2002

> > > You can insert files into each of the categories. But you have to edit all files yourself.
> > where do i get these files?
> > i mean rules.ini probably and that stuff

> You extract rules.ini with XCC Mixer.

> > > No, SE2K is an entirely different type of program.
> > so when i get those files and change them,i insert them to that mod creator and then make a mod,right?

> Yes. But SE2K is easier to make a simple mod.

Usually, you don't mix SE2K and XCC Mixer to make a mod. It causes too much work, for the same results that can be achved with just XCC.

Re: Hm...Mod creator....????Shep23:19 30-04-20023
    Re: Hm...Mod creator....????Slow Poke01:03 01-05-2002
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