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creating shp filesT16:34 02-05-2002
Re: creating shp filesOlaf van der Spek18:01 02-05-2002
Re: creating shp filesT18:10 02-05-2002

> > ah, how do you create qallaty .shp files? i try to use wills shp editor but its too hard to use. im trying to find paint shoppro 7 but i cant find it. the down load is 30mb (cant do much with this 56k modem). know any small downloads or places were i can buy a pcx edting program?

> You might find a PSP demo on disks that come with software magazines.

ah, whats psp?

Re: creating shp filesOlaf van der Spek19:12 02-05-20022
    Re: creating shp filesGotrek06:17 03-05-2002

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