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Viewing FMV'sGDSlavik20:51 03-05-2002
Re: Viewing FMV'sOlaf van der Spek21:12 03-05-2002
Re: Viewing FMV'sSlow Poke10:16 05-05-2002

> > Ok, concerning the XCC mixer, I know that you can use the VQA and put them into PCX, I know how that works. What I don't know, is how to take a screenshot and put it in PCX. Is there a specific keyboard command or set of buttons I need to press? Or does the XCC mixer not support screen shots when you are viewing FMV's in it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need the screenshots for my next article on

> No, you can only convert an entire video.

> > Thanks for your time

Oh! I can answer you! Press print screen when the FMV is at the desired from, and past it into a image-editing program. I like to use MS Paint. Then cut out the FMV still, and compy it into a new file.

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