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more progress on 3ds2vxlViPr00:27 07-05-2002

ok i've made some code to do non-uniform splines in 3dsvxl. i can use them for procedurals which can be used for people to do auto camouflage and other stuff on voxels hopefully. besides it's fun messing with them. when i want to make other people able to write their own procedurals in code i can make it so they can call my spline functions from the dll they make right? i don't know how these programming things work.

btw are windows programmers able to use windows functions that print truetype fonts to bitmaps for them?

the new compiler is on it's way to me here in the United Arab Emirates from Los Angeles. you can expect the windows version of 3ds2vxl in a few years since there are no C++ programmers in Arabia to teach me how to use it apparently.

Re: more progress on 3ds2vxlViPr08:14 08-05-2002
Re: more progress on 3ds2vxlAlon04:40 13-05-2002

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