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Mixing ra2 and ts tmp'sRyeguy45704:49 12-05-2002
Re: Mixing ra2 and ts tmp'sBlade07:28 12-05-2002

> I know I need to use the XCC TMP Editor, but I want to replace RA2's TMP files with TS's. If I convert the RA2 TMP to a picture format, and open it in paint shop pro, and note the size, and then open the ts one and resize it to the size of the ra2 one, and put it in my game, will it look and work alright?

You will probably have to fix up the edges and it won't work on bridges unless olaf has updated the TMP editor download so you can toggle the damage handling logic on and off. Also, you will need to alter the terrain types in some conversion cases where an equivalent tileset isn't available in the TS set and some logic hasn't been tested to see if it works or not in RA2 (Ice logic...if you can get it to work in RA2 tell me as its important).

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