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Component Towers en masse !Parish03:36 14-05-2002
Re: Component Towers en masse !Olaf van der Spek18:38 14-05-2002
Re: Component Towers en masse !Banshee02:58 17-05-2002

> > Hi guys,
> > Hereīs to my problem.
> > I quite finished my TS MOD (I know itīs an old game) but the only thing I have nightmares about is that the computer doesnīt stop building those component towers without a head on it !!
> > Could someone please help me on this one ?

> It's a known problem with a known solution.
> It was something with not giving the computer new defenses.

> > Thanks a lot !

Olaf is near the answer!

Take a look at:

It's a backup site from PPM while our main site doesn't return... Anyway, if you wanna visit the rest of the site, follow the following link:

That's it, and good luck!

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