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vxl> 3ds or any other 3d formatWeeRaby2k06:05 20-05-2002
Re: vxl> 3ds or any other 3d formatflyby18:09 21-05-2002
Re: vxl> 3ds or any other 3d formatViPr18:31 21-05-2002

> > does any 1 know where i can get this tool 2 convert vxls 2 another 3d format, i know that this tool does exist couse i seen it on a site some time ago and cant remember where.

> WeeRaby2k,

> I've been able to convert vxls into *.3ds, but the program is not a standalone. It is a 3dsmax script that reads invalue from & *.TXT file. The reason i haven't put it up yet is that it is still very buggy and unfinnished : as it is now, it still involves a lot of manual intervention through MS Excel.
> For the moment I'm uncapable of working on it as i'm recovering from a very serious sinusitis...

> ask it again on the ABSCNC in a week or so, ok? :)
> i'll explain you in detail then what to do...

are you guys talking about metaballs or just putting a cube for each voxel?

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