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This is about RA2 and me [PLEASE ANSWER IMMEDIATELY]Erik D.T.22:47 24-05-2002
Re: This is about RA2 and me [PLEASE ANSWER IMMEDIATELY]Gotrek07:32 25-05-2002

> mad: confused: mad: confused: mad: confused:
> My RA2 always crash when a warhead having the code below is activated

> [MyWarhead]
> CellSpread=XX
> Verses=V,V,V,V,V,V,V,V,V,V,V

> *** assume that XX is a number > 10 (e.g: 11,12,13,20,30)
> *** assume that V is the valid value of verses

> Anyone can help me? I want to make nuclear missile destroys one-map wide immediately. My old RA2 went well when I typed the source code above but now my RA2/YR crashes each time this warhead is activated

Well, so long as all numbers really are valid, I can't see how this could crash the game.
Make sure there isn't something else causing the problem.

NukeWarhead=MyWarhead ; was Nuke

Don't change any of the Nuclear Silo settings.

CellSpread=30 ; was 10
; This worked fine both with and without any of the other [Nuke] settings

You say 'nuclear missile destroys one-map wide immediately' presumably you mean you fire one nuke missile, and everything on the map gets destroyed. What's the point? This would just end the game straight away, as all your forces would be destroyed too. If you just mean it damages everything on the map, then fine.

Anyway the above settings worked fine for me in YR. It's possible that either the CellSpread or the Verses have a limit which you've passed, but unless you tell me exactly what numbers you used yourself, I can't try them and see.

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