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XCC WOL IRC Filter causes internal error?Westward07:12 30-05-2002
Re: XCC WOL IRC Filter causes internal error?Olaf van der Spek15:29 30-05-2002
Re: XCC WOL IRC Filter causes internal error?Westward21:58 30-05-2002

It happens every time, even I don't use that program anymore and restart RA2 and delete the whole program, it still gives me an internal error when I HOST a game and try to play, but when I join a game, it works ok. So I had to reinstall RA2 yesterday 2 times.

If I don't task-switch from RA2, how does it help? I've always task-switched... I use task-switching because I don't want to look at my host screen for 10mins before someone joins there. I can manually kick people who doesn't meet the rank I wish to play against.

I use XCC because I don't have to be in the game when hosting a game to see when someone joins, I can do something else and I hear and see when someone joins when I'm eg. browsing internet. Then I task-switch back to the game and play. That's the reason I (at least tried) use XCC.

I just don't want to try that program again because if it doesn't work, I have to reinstall the whole game again and I really don't want to do that very many times...

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