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Red Alert inivolkov95608:41 27-05-2002
Re: Red Alert iniGotrek05:35 28-05-2002
Re: Red Alert inivolkov95622:54 30-05-2002

> > Why when I edit .ini file in Red Alert 2 they don't make a difference like In TS I haven't edited in a while I need to know How I get a mod working when I edit the .ini files and put them in the Red Alert 2 directory it doesn't seem to work Like TS.

> Well it should do. If you're playing RA2 without YR add-on, the file should be called rules.ini
> If you're playing YR, it should be called rulesmd.ini
> YR ignores rules.ini so this could be your problem. Just extract rulesmd.ini (from ra2md.mix => localmd.mix) and place it in the RA2 directory.

And ur right that is my answer to my problem thnx

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