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Red Alert inivolkov95608:41 27-05-2002
Re: Red Alert iniGotrek05:35 28-05-2002
Re: Red Alert iniBlade05:45 31-05-2002
Re: Red Alert iniGotrek06:19 31-05-2002
Re: Red Alert iniBlade22:30 02-06-2002

> > > > Why when I edit .ini file in Red Alert 2 they don't make a difference like In TS I haven't edited in a while I need to know How I get a mod working when I edit the .ini files and put them in the Red Alert 2 directory it doesn't seem to work Like TS.

> > > Well it should do. If you're playing RA2 without YR add-on, the file should be called rules.ini
> > > If you're playing YR, it should be called rulesmd.ini
> > > YR ignores rules.ini so this could be your problem. Just extract rulesmd.ini (from ra2md.mix => localmd.mix) and place it in the RA2 directory.

> > No, the file should be extracted from expandmd01.mix after the patch as this is the file that gets used.

> Well, if you don't actually have the patch, like me, then the one from ra2md.mix is fine.

Depends on if you are making the mod for which case you should use the 1.001 version .ini files to ensure compatibility with most people's games (who will be running 1.001). You should also get the patch yourself so you can test changes correctly and use the correct .mix filenames.

Re: Red Alert iniGotrek07:14 03-06-2002

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