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black listDan07:20 03-06-2002

hey, my name is Dan. I have Red Alert 2 and I have been recently using your xwif filter. One game getting toward the end I was accused of cheating, but I dont know how to cheat? The guy said he had xwif and he would cheat report me, so I said I had it too. A week later i've been being booted outa games, so I pressed /ps Rabitdan (my name) and it said my rank etc. then it said I was on the black list. I dont know how I got on the black list because I have never cheated before but if you can please take the screen name Rabitdan off the black list for me that would be great, or atlest tell me why i'm on it or what I can do?

Re: black listOlaf van der Spek16:05 03-06-2002

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