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TS AUD format different to TD/RA?Euan MacGregor01:13 21-10-2001

From messing around with FreeCNC's aud code to get it to play TS auds, I've come across a few problems:

The ID occasionally is 0x2000DEAF or 0x2010DEAF (apart from this, these frames decode fine)

The main problem though is after a while the sizes being read are very wrong (not 512 bytes). If I force it to read 512 bytes and decode to 2048 bytes (which seems to be the norm for auds) the sound gets very distorted. "madrap.aud" seems to be affected by this the earliest.

Have you had this problem with XCC (or something similar) ?

Re: TS AUD format different to TD/RA?Olaf van der Spek17:24 21-10-2001

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