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VXL File Format Update?Exellon12:57 27-06-2002
Re: VXL File Format Update?Will20:57 27-06-2002
Re: VXL File Format Update?DMZ14:04 03-07-2002

> > Hey I'm just wondering if the VXL/HVA docs are gonna be updated, specifically in regard to the 'unknown' variables. I'm making an RA2 editor right now and I'm also integrating a nice VXL editor in with it that I'm making and it'd be nice to know what those unknowns are if anyone does know.

> The 'unknown', which is usually '2', is now understood to indicate the normals scheme. This value is '2' for models that use Tiberian-Sun normals format, and '4' for those that use Red-Alert-2 format. You can safely use Tiberian-Sun format in the RA2 game too, though.

> If it is helpful, look over the code to the Voxel Section Editor II - The sourcecode is in every download.

Or check the HVA Editor sourcecode, also available for download. I don't know if I ever made it clear or not, but the code in it is capable of creating, loading, saving and editing not just HVAs but also multisection voxel files. Obviously the GUI was only designed to handle HVAs, though.

First time I've posted here in a while.. I won't be checking back in to see if this got any replies.

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