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Tiberian Sun Structure Image HELPMonkeysee12:08 28-06-2002
Re: Tiberian Sun Structure Image HELPOlaf van der Spek22:58 28-06-2002
Re: Tiberian Sun Structure Image HELPBlade06:57 05-07-2002

> > Thanks for all of your help. I am having one problem however, I have tried many things but cant find the cause of the problem. When making Tiberian Sun Structure Images and build animations I often have big black boxes around the images or scattered black abnormalities around the image. Anyone else had this problem? Or know how to fix it, or avoid it? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

> Do these problems appear in XCC Mixer too or just in the game?

Its because the black used for transparency is the index 0 colour, but other instances of black also exist in the pallet and XCC only pays attention to what indecies are refered to by the pcx file.

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