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A Q. about abscnc...[DcM]05:25 17-07-2002
Re: A Q. about abscnc...haydn08:01 17-07-2002

> In the cnc's games i always wanted to see difference between the unit..

> Will it be possible to include a feature like a the sounds in ra2.. you tell to use one of the sound that is present in that group.. but for images.. like you could have a GI ( using it for example ) that is white and a GI that is black.. i mean common in a real army that soldiers aren't all alike.. that would put diversity in the game .. no?

Yes. That is an excellent point and one thatís already been addressed in the game architecture. But all things start from small beginnings. Initially, Iím modelling one of each unit for the default battleset. It is intended that there will be Ďrandomí keys in the code that if specified, will make a unit act in any one of a number of ways. For example, if attacked, a unit may have say 3 animated responses Ėrandomly selected. This would add variety to the play. Also, every single unit is itís own modelled entity. Unlike say Shogan where massed armies graphics are clones. This would mean for instance, that when infantry charge, they wonít all be in step!
Will, mentioned that say for cavalry (he likes classical settings), the horses would have randomly set colours.... He was thinking like you.

Sorry, long post:rolleyes:

Re: A Q. about abscnc...[DcM]14:49 17-07-2002

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