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Problem with the MixerMara03:44 18-07-2002
Re: Problem with the MixerGotrek05:06 18-07-2002

> The Mixer, for some reason, will not run on my computer. I've attempted a few things, but realized it might just be easier to ask. When I attempt to run the program, it doesn't respond and I have to shut it down. Has anyone encountered this type of problem or know how to remedy it?

The first thing Olaf will ask is whether you have given the program time to load. The first time you start XCC it can take quite a while to finish loading, as it noses through every westwood game directory on your PC. You might simply be mistaking this for a crash, and quiting it before it's ready.

I have found in the past that with some programs, if I think they have crashed, and press Ctrl+Alt+Del to see if it is no longer responding, this can actually cause the program to crash when it had been running just fine.

Wait for a few minutes next time you start the program and see.

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