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About PKT filesCannisRabidus16:14 25-07-2002
Re: About PKT filesOlaf van der Spek00:13 26-07-2002

> It appears the Yuri's Revenge MISSIONSMD.PKT file must be loose in the RA2 directory? If so how do I use XCC Mod Creator to create this file on mod launch?

You could abuse the video category or update your XMC/L.

> (Sorry if this question has been answered before, but the 'Search' option appears not to take you to the thread, but to the individual post.

You can go 'up'.

> Also I have no idea how to access older pages.

Increase the first value in your preferences.

This forum is very confusing...)

True, sometimes.

Re: About PKT filesCannisRabidus13:20 26-07-20022
    Re: About PKT filesOlaf van der Spek14:46 26-07-2002

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