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XCC Game Spy previewOlaf van der Spek02:56 29-07-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy previewTacvek02:41 30-07-2002
Re: XCC Game Spy previewOlaf van der Spek04:15 30-07-2002

> This message is intendined for Olaf but i ask that anyone who wnats to please leave comments.
> Questions:

> #1.How many frames per seccond does this uttility use?


> #2.Does the uttility keep track of Tiberium/Ore Reserves?

No, only player credits.

> Comments:

> #1. This uttility could also be used to prove that someone is cheating.


> #2. Perhaps You Should Have a recorder program run in the backround and automaticly record and save game on all or specific (at the user's option) games and save them with an auto generated file name such as TD134507052002.xccgs

The utility can't detect yet when a game starts.

> That file name tells what game (TD=Tiberian Dawn), the time that the game began (1335=13:45 [0409 would stand for 04:09 but that is not part of the example]), and the date (07052002 = 07/05/2002), and of couse the file type xccgs= XCC Game Spy)
> Obviously you would never run into having a file overwritten and the user could delete unwanted games at will.

Yes, it could be implemented like MF Image Manager.

Re: XCC Game Spy previewDaniel06:04 03-08-20022
    Re: XCC Game Spy previewSolidxtreme01:51 06-08-2002

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