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MF updateOlaf van der Spek01:09 23-07-2002
Sorry...Patrick (G0d666)09:02 31-07-2002
Re: Sorry...Olaf van der Spek16:51 31-07-2002
HmmPatrick (G0d666)21:58 31-07-2002
Re: HmmOlaf van der Spek22:52 31-07-2002
Eh...Patrick (G0d666)23:00 31-07-2002
Re: Eh...Olaf van der Spek23:11 31-07-2002
Re: Eh...Patrick (G0d666)23:21 31-07-2002
Re: Eh...Olaf van der Spek23:33 31-07-2002
Re: Eh...Patrick (G0d666)23:39 31-07-2002
Re: Eh...Olaf van der Spek23:41 31-07-2002
Eng scouting.Patrick (G0d666)00:02 01-08-2002
Re: Eng scouting.Olaf van der Spek00:26 01-08-2002

> > You captured an airport without scouting it.

> 1) that doesn't mean i use a map revealer just shows that i pay attention to my engies. i play allot so i know the maps, when there are tech buildings i send my eng in the correct direction (followed by a dog sometimes) then while my refinery or war factory is builing (during which time there is nothing to do) i follow him and when he uncovers the tech he is reordered to capture it straight away.

You could do that, but you didn't.
You also (directly) attacked my base with rocketeers without scouting.

> this used to be hard to do because you 1st had to scout the map determine what map your on, but now with MF you know, so engies always go out 1st cos there slow.

I know.

> 2) how could you know that without revealing yourself anyway? unless like me you pay attention to the techs...

I do pay attention to the techs.

ScoutingPatrick (G0d666)01:07 01-08-20026
    Re: ScoutingOlaf van der Spek02:02 01-08-2002
        <Sigh>Patrick (G0d666)05:53 01-08-2002
            Re: <Sigh>Olaf van der Spek05:59 01-08-2002
                ScoutPatrick (G0d666)07:18 01-08-2002
                    Re: Scoutbah02:58 11-08-2002

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