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xwif doesnt work anymoresiavash sohrabi12:01 03-08-2002
Re: xwif doesnt work anymoreOlaf van der Spek18:20 06-08-2002

> Hello Mr. Olaf
> I'm very proud of your works and hope you continue the good work.
> I have been using xwif with yuri's revenge quick match since 5 month ago but since 20 day ago it is stoped working.I have reinstalled ra2 and yuri,s... so many times but its no use.when I open xwif and run yuri,s revenge and click on quick match it goes in the (fetching server) and after 1 or 2 minute it says (could not connenct to westwood online, check your connection), but when I exit xwif the game connects without any problem .
> About my pc i havent change anything on it .
> Can you help me please. Thank you very much, 1 of your fans.



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