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a few things i want to sayViPr13:50 11-08-2002

Flyby are you still working on the ra2 normals or have you given up?

Olaf can i make your site the official site to download 3ds2vxl from? Fileplanet is too irritating! can you make a counter so i can see how many people download it?

Olaf the front end is kinda outdated now but for me to update it is totally overwhelming. no progress on that, so i think it is time for me to do away with the front end and do all these options from within the program. this day had to come. unfortunately that is kinda overwhelming too; making a Doom3 type engine would probably be easier for me.

anyway, news about my program. not much is happening. most of what i've been working on is stuff you probably won't notice. i was never able to solve the bugs introduced when converting to Windows, and i'm still banned from the coders channel on undernet where i got help on these type of mediocre problems.

Re: a few things i want to sayBanshee22:47 11-08-2002
Re: a few things i want to sayflyby05:03 12-08-2002

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