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MF updateOlaf van der Spek01:09 23-07-2002
Sorry...Patrick (G0d666)09:02 31-07-2002
Re: Sorry...jason04:11 16-08-2002
Re: Sorry...Olaf van der Spek04:14 16-08-2002

> > Sorry this is alittle of topic but i was wondering given all your programing tallents if you new know to stop people causing recconectoin errors? Because although i am only a 900 point player 3 or so of the top 20 have recently resorted to reconnection errors and in one case causing an internal error in my ra2 when he only had a power plant left, in order not to be defeated by me. Please anything would help and i am willing to devout time and effort to help put a stop to this kinda thing.

> > PS non of the players are BL.

> > Thanks i hope you find the time to read this.

> i agree where do people get this from, you defeat the big names and then they cause a reconnection error so it shows a s plays and not defeats on the tournmant laders?/ how can u stop this and is this a programme that people get

There is no utility to prevent reconnection errors.

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