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Cheat?meselfs06:54 03-09-2002

Hello all

I was fighting someone called 'puffbuddd' on little big lake.I started winning,and he started cussing.BIG cussing.I said something mean back at him ,but it didnt contain bad words.I sed:

guess what?
your mom is really your dad, & your dad is really a COW!!!!

Directly after that, he started saynig interesting things.He sed he'd report me.he sed that he was recording/saving our conversation.He sed that i would be banned forever.I laughed and didnt take it seriosly.I won,and i wanted more,so i clicked on quick match.after a few moments,i got a message that sed: 'ERROR:Matching server not found'
.I tried it again,same thing happened.I tried a custom match,it worked fine,but i like to play quick matches.WHAT HAPPENED? did he really have something to do with it?
heres some info about him i saved:

Game # :88920512


mpstats.txt :

Frames: 49890
Average FPS: 32
Max MaxAhead: 70
Latency setting: 1
Game speed setting: 0
Local address:

Name: PuffBuddd
Address: ; 1260
Max avg round trip: 0
Max round trip: 0
Resends: 0
Frame sync stalls: 33
Command cound stalls: 0
Lost: 0
Percent lost: 0

I have had this problem before,for no reason.Do you think this was just a coincedince?

And one more thing:Most of the xcc utilities have lowsy/missing readme file,so i hereby volunteer to write readme file for the matching filter & cheat reporter.
Would you like that, Mr. Spek?


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