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SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds02:28 29-08-2002
Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Olaf van der Spek01:33 06-09-2002

> I wanted to view RA1 SHP animations in XCC, but the SHP viewer simply didn't start. I did see the frames in the right part of the XCC window, but it didn't open a SHP viewer window (see ) to play the animation.
> I'm running Win 98. Does that make a difference? Or does it simply not work with RA1 SHPs?

It only works for SHP (TS).

Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Nyerguds02:20 06-09-20022
    Re: SHP viewer doesn't work!Olaf van der Spek03:27 06-09-2002

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