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XCC Game Spy previewOlaf van der Spek02:56 29-07-2002
Replaying the recorded gameProkopis02:54 03-09-2002
Re: Replaying the recorded gameOlaf van der Spek01:42 06-09-2002

> After recording ends, how would you "watch" the game?

Launch XCC Game Spy Player.

> Would you need to keep YR running?


> Would it be using your recorder program? Would it be like observing a game, or like in your pics just an AWACS map with tagged dots?

Like the images.

> How big do the recordings get in size?

Depends on lots of factors, but < 100 kb for short games.

> Does this method involve polling the map every some millisecs and recording (perhaps text style?) all that's on it?

Yes, but not like 'polling' the display.

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