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MF updateOlaf van der Spek01:09 23-07-2002
Re: MF problemsNick (Drkd3mon)03:27 05-09-2002
Re: MF problemsOlaf van der Spek01:48 06-09-2002

> > Get it at <a href=""></a>.<br>
> > Older versions and XWIF don't work properly.
> I thought MF was meant to filter out black listed players, but when i played pauln43 i realised he was stretching his base and screenshot him doing this. when i looked at the blacklist to see his name b4 reporting him i was amazed that this could happen. how is it possible for him to play me and is there anything to do to stop ppl blacklisted from carrying on playing??

Because the WS ladder servers are still down MF does not function 100%.

Re: MF problemsPatrick (G0d666)21:23 12-10-20024
    Re: MF problemsOlaf van der Spek21:32 12-10-2002
        Re: MF problemsmeselfs12:00 13-10-2002
            Re: MF problemsOlaf van der Spek19:06 13-10-2002

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