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error converting pcx'sal21:44 08-09-2002
Re: error converting pcx'sOlaf van der Spek22:25 08-09-2002

> Hi,

> I am having problems when trying to convert several pcx files for a new building into 1 shp file. When i select "copy as shp", it gives me the error no1024 - "all files should have a name like image ####.pcx" etc. My pcx images are named airtech 0000-0008, but it still won't work. please help!

You should only select the first file. Shouldn't you use "Copy as SHP (TS)"?

Re: error converting pcx'sVlad0622:34 08-09-20024
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        Re: error converting pcx'sOlaf van der Spek02:05 09-09-2002
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