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how to delete sounds in YRrunewiz23:31 14-09-2002
Re: how to delete sounds in YRGotrek05:10 15-09-2002

> hi
> i'm using XCC mixer and i want to delete sounds in the game (like "unit ready"...), but with right-click on the sound, "delete" is not available...
> how can i do it ?
> thx

Sounds to me like you play the game over a LAN, where other players are in the same room and you don't wish them to know when you've created a spy or Tanya for example.
If this is the case, then read on...
But if you are reffering to EVA sayin 'Unit Ready' and Unit Destroyed' etc then skip down to after the line of ====== ...

You don't need to delete the actual sounds themselves, just disable them in soundmd.ini
Extract the file to the game directory, open it in a text editor, and do a search for every entry of


(include the end square bracket)

Now, under each of these entries, is a line which reads
Place a semi-colon ( ; ) directly after the equals sign, and you're done.
Now you just need to copy the soundmd.ini to all other machines playing the game.

BUT! Make sure everyone else playing with you knows you are doing this and wants you to do it. If you don't, they might accuse you of cheating, in a way.


If you find EVA annoying for some reason, then you need to extract the file evamd.ini and place it in the game directory.
Open it in a text editor, and find the offending comments
For example, you say you don't like 'Unit Ready'
Search for this section:
Text=Unit Ready.
Priority= LOW

Now, after each side, (Russian, Allied, Yuri) place a semi-colon ( ; ) just after the equals sign.

Repeat for as many sections as you wish to disable, then save the file.

This is far less permanent than deleting sound files from the game, as, if you decide you want them back again, you just have to remove evamd.ini from the game directory!

Re: how to delete sounds in YROlaf van der Spek05:32 15-09-2002

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