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Cheats...Patrick (G0d666)00:21 25-09-2002
Re: Cheats...Olaf van der Spek01:26 25-09-2002

> Does anyone know who runs the anticheat system of LaundrY ServicE and ByE is it ww or olaf??? Because IMO its useless, people get high ranks lose points because of LaundrY ServicE and/or ByE then just play again. So instead of losing 15 points to a 800 point player i lose 50 because there only on 500 points after being reset and there also on their way back up the ladder... then its just rinse and repeat.

If you use a narrow points filter you shouldn't lose 50 points.

> Perhaps if it is a official system it should be incorporated in MF so players being 'reset' in this manner are automatically blacklisted, then we MF uses wouldn't have the problem of being matched with them. And if it isn't it should be.

> Also anyone know when MF will start showing wins again?

It does since the last update.

Re: Cheats...Patrick (G0d666)01:33 25-09-20022
    Re: Cheats...Olaf van der Spek01:47 25-09-2002

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