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flagssuicdman04:49 28-09-2002
Re: flagsOlaf van der Spek05:06 28-09-2002
Re: flagsHyperjag306:08 28-09-2002

> > when you convert a c&c building or unit or infantry icon files there are special flags(3) of them. Now, I converted and made my own icons for them and i didn't think that the flags mattered. Well, the icons look fine but now there animated. :eek: I was wondering if there was a way to edit the flags of the shp files. The make and unit/structure files dont seem to have a problem with the flags. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

> > if you need more info just ask. I'll check forum often

> In what way are they animated?

I think he means like the Iron Curtain cameo from RA1. I was wondering if that could be done myself. All you do is copy the cameo as pcx and remove all but the first frame and save it as a shp(ts).

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