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Red Alert 2 User PatchOlaf van der Spek03:53 28-09-2002
Re: Red Alert 2 User PatchMad Ivan05:57 28-09-2002
Re: Red Alert 2 User PatchKoen van de Sande01:15 29-09-2002

> > I've written this <a href="/utilities/"</a>patch</a> to improve the frontend performace of Red Alert 2.

> > <p>
> > Features:
> > <ul>
> > <li>Skips splash screen.
> > <li>Skips WS logo movie.
> > <li>Skips "The display mode will be changed. If there is a problem with the new display mode then wait and the old mode will be restored." dialog.
> > <li>Skips "Click OK to keep this display mode or wait and your old display settings will be restored." dialog.
> > <li>Skips "Are you sure you want to exit Red Alert 2?" dialog.

> Ok,but wont Westwood blow their top for that?
No, because RA2 is made by EA Pacific. I don't think they care anymore. :rolleyes:
> If that doesnt make Westwood go CRAZY maybe you could do a Mod Patch :rolleyes:
> > </ul>

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