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Adding an IconLambert3106:00 01-10-2002
Re: Adding an IconGotrek07:39 01-10-2002
Re: Adding an IconLambert3102:10 02-10-2002
Re: Adding an IconGotrek05:54 02-10-2002

> > > Just read you guide to adding an icon, everything worked fine until I got to the last bit. How do I open the art.ini file with a text editor? I can't find this file anywhere. I can get to it via the ra2.mix file using XCC Mixer but I can't alter it. HELP please.

> > You need to extract the ini file.
> > Right-click on art.ini in XCC Mixer, and goto extract, and select the game directory

> Cheers. Now do I have to import back into the ra2.mix file?

So long as the ini file (any ini file) is in the game directory (eg c:\games\westwood\ra2 ) the game will read it properly, and any changes you make to it will override the original in the mix file. If you want to return to the original ini file, just delete the ini file from the game directory again.

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