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r u LaundrY ServicE ?hackers suck10:18 25-10-2002
Re: r u LaundrY ServicE ?meselfs04:17 26-10-2002

Posted by Patrick a while back:

> Look im not one for circulating rumours, but i heard that LaundrY ServicE was for people who cause 'plays'and ByE was for cheaters. Run by WW, Sort of poetic justice in that Cheaters of various types are 'taken out to the cleaners' (if you aint heard the phrase then never mind) and i suppose 'say bye to your ill-gained rank'...

> Hope this helps.

> If anyone can confirm or deny this points i'd be happy to know...

Perhaps its run by WS... ...perhaps not.

Either way, only cheaters have a problem with this...

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