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MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:00 21-10-2002
Forgot to ask...Prokopis14:05 27-10-2002
Re: Forgot to ask...Olaf van der Spek21:52 27-10-2002

> In the Game Spy thread I read that wins/losses and disconnects were not displayed. Is the MF still like that, or did that reffer to previous versions?

For RA2 only rank and disconnects are not shown. For YR only washes is not shown.

> BTW could you consider making the points matching filter somewhat more intricate.

No. The filter should be symmetrical.

> Like allowing the user to choose to battle enemies with at least X points or the most X points or X points less than him, but Y points more than him and so on. Perhaps even add a number on minimum losses in the opponents record or a minimum percentage of losses because most cheaters these days can be figured out by having for example played 100 games and having lost none. Come to think of it maybe the number of washes could also be used in a filtering option.

It's being used already.

> Sorry to be hammerring you like that. I realize that you're doing this on your free time without having any obligation to work on the MFs and appreciate everything you've made so far, but I just can't help getting my hopes up after seeing the new stuff you made :). Anywayz, thanks.

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