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MF updateOlaf van der Spek21:00 21-10-2002
Re: MF updatemeselfs06:27 28-10-2002
Re: MF updateOlaf van der Spek17:09 28-10-2002

> Sorry, but I have a few questions, Olaf.

> First, nice job with the new MF. I'd like to know this: how do you start the XGS recorder? When the load screen comes, just before the game starts, I press one of the following:

Just before or after the game starts (after loading) is the best time to launch XGS.

> Ctrl-Esc,Alt-Esc,Alt-Space,Alt-Tab,Alt-Enter,Ctrl-Esc,and even Ctrl-Alt-Del. I know that these keys generally are supposed to return you to windows. The problem is that sometimes they work, sometimes they dont. Is there a special way to return to windows that works every time, so that I can start the recorder?

I use alt-tab or just the Windows key.

> When I DO manage to start the recorder, it generally DOES record something, it creates 'gamereplayxxxxxxxx.xif',but I can't seem to play the file with the player.I open it, and it just shows a blanck window. I see that you have given the file name the game number, thanks for implementing my idea!(although you probably already thought of that)

It should also save "game replay.xif" in the \ra2\replays\ dir.

> You once told me to check the directories with the xcc mixer.Everything checked OK.

> How do you get MF to display stats in-game, as in the screenshot?

Write /r/dpl (or /a/dpl in the German version).

> One final question: MF or XWIF (dont remember) seems to generate a file called 'host_address_log.txt'in c:\temp,my name and IPA appear on it 3 times. What is this? Is it Bad?

It's not bad.

> If I'm annoying you with my persistent quetions, please tell me (Please dont reply to this, Alon).

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