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Adding sounds for new unit voices - how?Sponge15:42 04-11-2002
Re: Adding sounds for new unit voices - how?Gotrek08:18 05-11-2002

> I've grabbed a unit for my mod which includes new WAV's for the unit's voice. However, the instructions given for adding them were unclear at best. How is this done, and what programs do I need (other than XCC utilities)? Please include how to set up the voice in soundmd.ini as well.

Here's what I posted for Knife on 20th Dec 2001, then again for Net-Viper X on Jan 23rd, and then again on 16th April for Bluff Boy Griff:
Quick walkthru of process:
Open XCC Mixer
Restore Window (So it isn't maximised)
Goto Launch=>XCC Sound Editor
Open folder containing wave sounds (eg yes.wav & OK.wav)
Drag the two WAV files from the folder into the Sound Editor Window
Click OK
Close XCC (no longer needed)
Open soundmd.ini
Goto the last number before 999=NoCanDo under [SoundList]
Make a new entry using the next number in sequence
eg 854=UnitSelect
Below the debug section (1001 to 1017) make a new sound entry

Sounds=Yes OK
Control= random

Save and Close Soundmd.ini
Open rulesmd.ini
Goto new unit
Enter line VoiceSelect=UnitSelect (replacing any existing VoiceSelect line)
Save and Close rulesmd.ini
Run game, build and select unit
Sit back, blissful in the knowledge of a job well done!

It had been suggested by basic1 that this would make a good guide for this site, if fleshed out a little, but Olaf doesn't seem to have done anything about it.

You're welcome to use it if you want, Olaf.

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